Wise beyond words



Infinite wisdom I do share

Number of times I do declare

Fathomless words that are very deep

Immense pressure makes me weep

Never ending problems I can see

Absolution can never be

Travelling on uneven ground

Explanations I have found.


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  1. Hi Elaine, I got your message. Not sure why you couldn’t find a like or comment button on my page. Would you mind checking it again? I have checked my settings yesterday. Perhaps clicking on a story will give you the option. Thanks for your message.

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  2. Loved your article Elaine
    Embracing the unevenness of the journey is the beauty of the journey, I believe.
    In my land it’s said wisdom acquired over years is more enlightening than any book written by a genius
    Respect and much love
    For sharing your wisdom 😍

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