Endings. 🌹


When I search your eyes

its clear to see

that you no longer feel

any love for me

when I listen to you speak

its plain to hear

you don’t really want

to have me near

when I feel your touch

it doesn’t feel right

it doesn’t feel gentle

it doesn’t feel light

when you kiss my lips

which is very rare

my heart feel lost

my soul feels bare.


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        1. I know I am so very lucky to have found John, I am a free spirit and not many men have the confidence to deal with that. Also he is an excellent communicator which enables him to deal with the strange things I come out with. …and takes it all with a pinch of salt.


            1. I know, I prayed long and hard for someone like John to appear, there were not many I came in to contact with like that. He has such strong principles and morals too. If he saw this he would be embarrassed haha ❤️


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