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So many things have changed now, I never thought I would be a person who would say that I could live without eating and just take a tablet a day but now sadly I feel that I could. Gone are the days when I could eat anything whenever I wanted because to be honest now it is not worth the after effects, on the plus side I’ve lost 7lbs since Christmas woo hoo and with no New Years resolution either!  The other plus is that I have still been able to write without stuffing marshmallows or liquorice allsorts in my mouth, granted not a pretty sight but it worked for me. 😋

I used to be a chocoholic especially white chocolate but seeing it now just resembles pain. You know when someone asks you what would be your final meal, well mine would have been steak, chips with peas and onion rings with peppercorn sauce .. followed by hmm let me think lemon pie with ice cream or chocolate gateaux and cream. Followed by a lovely cappuccino coffee with dark chocolate mints.

Reality check thought💡 then again if it was my last meal I could eat it because, well I could. That thought has cheered me up no end 😏

I should research what I can eat but again being honest I am too lazy so no doubt I will keep having flare ups until I get my act together. With pleasure comes pain! I will go and toast a pitta bread and stuff it with tuna mmm. 😩


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  1. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but when I started eating healthy and the first shock was gone, I actually found myself not craving sugar anymore – a little piece of dark, bitter chocolate would actually make me satisfied! I think we can get used to everything, even stuff we’d never imagine ourselves used to.

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  2. I just need meat. I could never be a vegetarian. I have to be constantly reminded I am at the top of the food chain. But luckily I think now that’s just called a paleo diet? Hahah.

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  3. I kinda go through this from time to time. I actually get tired of eating and lose my appetite often forcing myself to eat something because I know its counterproductive to starve myself.

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  4. I know it’s hard but in the end it’s all worth it! 🙂 I just started my own blog about healthy and affordable eating (all gluten free), so feel free to check it out! 🙂 I’m looking forward to more of your posts!

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