The first day of the year, apartment living. 🌹


We had a visit from my daughter and her family this afternoon, they had walked down to our apartment and were all very cold when they arrived.  Very soon they were saying how warm it was , even though we had no heating on ! I told them they should go downstairs and thank the lady below and the one below her. Their heating must be rising up keeping us toasty warm.

I have visions of the couple who live up above us sat in deck chairs with very little clothing on, On second thoughts scrap that thought, not a nice vision, why does my imagination run away with me like this, it is not a gift at all having a good visual imagination

My mum rang to tell me that one of her grandsons had rung her to  wish her Happy New Year and asked her if she went out last night, now bearing in mind she is 85, she replied

“Oh yes, I went out promenading”

To which he replied, “what does that mean”

“I was out till all hours she said chatting up the men”

To which he laughed and said, “What would Granddad have said”

She told him he was a silly beggar asking such stupid questions. Then told him she did not want a visit from him and his tribe today so to keep away!

I asked her if she had heard the fireworks at midnight, to which she replied, “No they must not have had any this year” yeah right I thought, obviously you were asleep.

The fireworks here woke John and I up they were extremely loud after being used to hearing nothing night after night, not that I am complaining its great.

All in all a great start to the new year


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