Apartment Living, Christmas Day


Well I must say we are loving this apartment living, after living here 26 days we have got used to the climate change (not outside) but in the apartment, after living in an older house, which for me personally I found cold, we have gone from one extreme to the other. Obviously, my blood must have warmed now because now I am very comfortable.

We still can’t get over just how quiet it is here. On Christmas morning, we woke up about 8.30 am and all as usual everywhere was silent. A few cars were missing from the car park so I assumed that maybe some residents were away visiting family.

I had a lovely surprise looking out of the kitchen window, when on the banking going down to the brook I saw a fox. A festive fox on Christmas morning.  We had arranged to visit my youngest daughter and family to take our presents and see what the children had been lucky enough to receive, so locking our front door we headed along the carpeted corridor to the lift and I said to John “listen” he replied “what I can’t hear anything” “exactly” I whispered. We both laughed.

When we got outside the building on our way around to the car park we passed the communal lounge where quite a few of the residents were gathered, they all started waving at us and we waved back. I cannot believe the friendliness of the people living here. I have lived in many different houses but I have never lived among such a friendly bunch.

I think that they have built up a community here because the apartments are only four years old and therefore everyone was new at the same time and in and among us newbies have arrived and been welcomed into the fold.

Our granddaughter’s face lit up when she opened her Kellogg’s cereal flavoured lip balms, I had to smell each one in turn, YUK! She loves them that’s the main thing. Our grandson was happy with the build together Mario cars too and immediately started building them which was good considering he had received an Xbox from Santa that he was hoping for.

Leaving them we picked up Mum to bring her back to the apartment for Christmas lunch.  Mum was on good spirits telling us that she had been visited the day before by one of her grandsons with his children, but that he did not know when it was time to go, so she had got all the children’s presents and said to him. “well it was nice to see you all, here are your presents” she told me he stood up, said ” thank you “and then sat down again.

Mum said he obviously did not take the hint so I waited five minutes and then stood up and went to the door opened it and said well” I will let you get off now”,” OH mum you didn’t” I said. “I did she said they had been here long enough”

We brought mum back to the apartment and came up in the lift, walking along the corridor she said, it’s just like a hotel in here, it’s very quiet!

We had a lovely lunch, the turkey was perfect, well it would be Mum cooked it! Although she is still saying that her false teeth are not sharp anymore! Hmm only your tongue, I thought but obviously I was not brave enough to say.

After a three course lunch, which she ate like a good un,  we collapsed on the sofa then watched the Queen’s speech, then when mum announced she was ready for home we escorted her home. A good day was had by all. ….

Memories I am sure I will look back on in years to come.


    1. It’s an apartment but yet still benefits from rural surroundings, we love it here, well so far we do. We don’t feel like we are in an apartment to be honest. It’s only when I open the front door and there is a carpeted hallway, it sometimes shocks me!


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