It’s official all of our four grandchildren like this apartment! Yesterday two of them aged 9 and 6 came for a few hours whilst their mum and dad were working so John and I had an early start.

They rang the intercom outside and we let them inside once the lift got to our floor the children set off at a pace to race to our door. Shouting hello (such enthusiasm you would not believe) anyone would think that they enjoyed our company! My daughter and John were saying shh because as I have said before it is SO quiet here.

They shrugged off their coats and shoes in the hallway and ran into the lounge, it must be like that for them on Christmas morning.!  When Louise left for work she had strict instructions to ring the intercom outside because they wanted to see her on camera, honestly they are so taken with the apartment, not only a lift but a camera too!

“What are we going to do” they both said together, “lower your volume” I replied which had them giggling. I had set up the spare room to do creative things, so my granddaughter began painting and my grandson said he was going to write a card for Santa.

This had us all laughing so much because his letter went like this:

Dear Santa

I have been good this year?

I know I have been on the thinking cloud and I am sorry  ( naughty mat at school)


Love Seth

PS My sister pushed me off the sofa!!!! 🙂

PSS My sister was fighting with me

PSSS No presents for my sister.

His sister just laughed it off and said that in all the time she had been at school she had NEVER emphasising on the never been on the thinking cloud!

My granddaughter painted some of the little wooden houses I had and stuck them on the card to send to my Mum, inside the card it said

To Great Grandma

Merry christmas

Lots of love

PS  the houses on the card are all Grandma’s

Anyone would think we moved house a lot! 🙄