Christmas countdown 9 days to go



I don’t know about you but I am finding the nearer we are getting to Christmas the more people are getting impatient. In my working life I drove thousands of miles a year and actually I used to enjoy it until it got nearer to Christmas because then whenever I used to visit customers in town it was always a nightmare to park and people became so grumpy.

Now I am lucky enough to not actually work anymore, I still tend to stay away from towns and supermarkets when I know everyone else is likely to be shopping, i.e. weekends. Yesterday John and I ventured to the farm shop which is about ten miles away, they have amazing Pork pies which freeze perfectly and I wanted to get a couple for over Christmas.

After going to the deli counter a butcher came over to serve us and I pointed to the pies and asked him if I could have two large Pork pies please, he bypassed the pies I had pointed to and proceeded to bag up two pale looking pies. “Ah no” I said, “could I have two of those” pointing again to the the well done glazed pies.

He looked at me and said” you want two large Pork pies”? I said “yes,” he replied” these are large Pork pies”. “Yes”I replied”I know but I want two of those which are more well done”

He was so put out you would not believe it.  ” The only difference is that these are stronger glazed” he said taking the over two pies out of the bags and putting two of the well glazed ones in the bag.  Now I am not a person who loses my temper easily, far from it but I could not believe he was so rude, what has happened to the customer is always right? I was so near to giving him a blasting.

We then went to the supermarket and I noticed there that people were rushing round at top speed pushing to get into small spaces. It is so maddening. Christmas lasts only a few days what is the problem! Why do people bulk buy? Why do people overspend and get into debt? Why do people push and shove? Why are people so intolerant.

Where is the Christmas spirit?….. and breathe !


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  1. Subconscious systematic indoctrination.
    Be happy = Buy more.
    Be merry= Spend more
    Deadline for giving = December 25th
    The only things you can give = The things you buy.
    Sale sale sale= spend spend spend
    The goddess of consumerism is a genius.

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