Apartment living continued


I am pleased to report that we had the best nights sleep ever last night after making a few changes in the bedroom.

Our feet now face North, the bed has been turned around

The blackout blind has been fitted to the window, it is now pitch black in the room

I have covered the mirror which was facing our bed ! ( feng shui tip)

I keep the hall door shut so that the mirror in the hall can’t see me either!

We turned off the little guide light in the bathroom, so have to be careful now not to miss the toilet when landing!

We closed the lounge door which shone light through from outside, we don’t close the curtains in the lounge with living on the second floor (only the birds can see in)

The memory foam mattress is now regaining its memory of my body shape

The birds slept better outside the window because our cream window blind was not reflected by the football stadium lights outside making them think it was dawn

See how a few simple steps has enabled us to have a good night’s sleep. Easy really.

It’s strange I thought we lived in the country at our previous house, admittedly a few cars passed on their way to work, there was a big machine plant down the lane, the farmer took his tractor in and out of the fields across from us. Oh and the fire engine came round the tight bend blaring when on a call out but we thought it was peaceful.

Peaceful is living in this apartment, I have lived in flats before where you felt like you were living in the same house as others, but oh my goodness the quietness here is deafening. I love it don’t get me wrong, but it is taking some getting used to. How can a block of 30 apartments be so quiet. Admittedly they are for the over 55 but are most of the residents living in pods, like the film cocoon?

We are going to the Christmas get together this Sunday so I should get to know more then. John is a little bit scared, he tells me that there appears to be a lot of single ladies living here and he thinks that some of them see him as new pray!  He told me he tries not to give eye contact because he does not want to give them the wrong impression!!!  I fell about laughing, but as he rightly pointed out he does not want to offend anyone when he turns down their advances

Apartment living don’t you just love it!


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  1. When it’s quiet I don’t mind. I have new upstairs neighbors, a child and a dog. I finally figured out the tapping that was intermittent like someone putting up a picture was a dog’s tail!😂. I thought, who would be hanging pictures at six am? Or midnight? They have very strange hours, but it doesn’t bother me. At least it reassures me there are people around!😉

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  2. yes, no mirrors in the bedroom (inclusive tv)! or – in the place that doesn’t mirror the bed. There are so many Feng Shui rules… 🙂

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