Countdown to Christmas 12 days to go!


It was my grandson Charlie’s first ever nativity play at school and he was excited, he was playing a wise man!  Now the play was called the bossy fairy and the fairy was trimming up the Christmas tree and would only allow new shiny objects to go on it. She did not want to put any of the old type stuff on the tree!

The children in the play were asking where Mary and Joseph were and all the other nativity objects, quite ingenious really, because it explained what Christmas was about,  basically telling the real reason of Christmas and how it can be lost by all the glitter and glamour.

Now the young lad playing Joseph was a little bit overcome by the event, so he spent nearly the whole performance with his tunic pulled up over his head, thus displaying his spider man underpants for all to view.😳

When Mary and Joseph walked on the stage a teacher whispered in a loud voice Mary you have forgotten baby Jesus to which  Mary hissed, “Oh its alright, I will come back for him later.” hmm learned behaviour me thinks 😉

Charlie said his words with accuracy his only problem was that he walked on dressed as a wise man without putting on his plain black shoes, oh no Charlie rocked on the stage wearing his flashing trainers! Which clashed somewhat with his wise man robes of many colours……

All in all it was a wonderful performance given by children aged 4. Eventually the bossy fairy relented, stopped being bossy because she now understood the true meaning of Christmas. Ahh don’t you just love a happy ending ❤️️


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  1. I’m sad to be missing my son’s “holiday” performance for the first time. New job… sigh. Hubby is going and will record it for me. At least I get to make the costume still.

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