Apartment Living.


Our memory foam mattress appears to have lost its memory in our recent house move . Either that or its protesting about being moved twice in the last year, maybe the removal men bent it into four when they put it into the lift and it has come over all confused!

The first few nights we slept like babies, probably due to exhaustion through the move! Since then it has been difficult, we are down to the summer quilt now and a few vents open in the window. John says I am lying the wrong way in bed now and the mattress must be thinking who is this strange woman, I know I’ve put seven pounds on, but come on mattress, give me a break. It’s only a couple of years old surely it should not be so set in its ways that I have to lay in the same position all the time

After studying the internet I informed John that we should not be laying with our feet facing in a Southwards direction, so after spinning the bed round it looks like a different room, really cool, I bet you all envy John living with me, go on admit it you’re a little bit jealous.

With us having a running brook outside our bedroom window, along with trees we have found that the birds sing nearly all night! yup. John thinks it may be due to the security lights which are fixed just below our bedroom window and light up outside just like a football stadium. Safety first though, we old people need good lighting! We never know when we are going to go for a wander down to the river during the night for a dip!

It does not help that we chose a lovely cream blind with little cut out squares at the bottom for the bedroom, funny that because we chose light grey black-out blinds for the dining and kitchen windows which we never pull down!

We, that is the royal we, are going to change the blind in the bedroom, perhaps buy a black, blackout blind one that you can’t hear the birds through type. It will probably have to be a bespoke one, but hey ho we are now saving on the heating costs.  Don’t get me wrong I love the sound of birds singing I can hear them now, tweeting but I need some sleep.

My dear old mother also upset me yesterday when I called in to see her to be greeted with the words, “Not you again” I only called in to give her an ornament that I no longer needed. Here was me worrying that she would think I had deserted her moving three miles away.

Secretly I think she was annoyed because I interrupted her online betting she was probably at the crucial part of placing a 10p each way bet on a horse.  I soon galloped out of the paddock and homeward bound after that comment.


Well thats my moaning for the day over with.


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  1. Elaine, your always delightful. Totally enjoyed your article. Here’s my wish the bed turnaround worked. Feng who? ok it works, Ive tried it and thought who knew!

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  2. haha very humorous post 🙂 It’s nature and all that, really lovely.. but the birds would drive me up the wall too. My bedroom window used to be next to a busy road. I hated it at first because of the noise. Strange thing is, when we moved I couldn’t rest for the quiet. You’ll get used to it 🙂 Could you not get blackout curtains and keep your nice blinds? Argos do Blackout curtain liners – we have them in my sons bedroom and they’re very dark.

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