Countdown to Christmas 14 days to go!


Christmas for some people can be a very depressing time. It’s only lasts for two days , but the hype around Christmas has really got out of control.

I remember when I was with my first husband and the children were young, oh the stress (most of it self-inflicted) I might had. Everything had to be perfect.I would look at the TV advertisements, read magazines, everyone appeared to be living the perfect life, so where was I going wrong.


I remember one year my ex husbands parents were coming for Christmas lunch and my husband nearly had a heart attack when I said that turkey was not cooking fast enough and should I do sausages instead! All I could do was laugh (that was when I used to drink the fizzy stuff)

Reality check, life is not always like that, money maybe tight, expectations maybe high. What about the food will it all be perfectly cooked. Only last Sunday when my mum came for Sunday lunch I felt the stress of cooking the perfect roast! which in reality was as tough as old boots. ( I might add here that I did put it back in the oven for another hour and still it was tough) so maybe it was never going turn into a perfect lean piece of silverside! Even if Mary Berry or Gordon Ramsey had cooked it 😊

Everyone says that Christmas is a time for families but what if you can’t stick your family. Lots of stress for two days out of the year. Do we really need it, fortunately I am very lucky with my family we all get along, easy really because there are so few of us.

Mum is coming for Christmas lunch, she is cooking the bird so if it’s not good that’s down to her and not me.  I am not a great meat-eater anyway,  I am happy with all the trimmings that goes with it.


On Christmas Eve, John and I will be seeing my two daughters, their husbands and four grandchildren for a lunchtime buffet which is a family tradition, Christmas Eve is the best day of Christmas to me, you can feel the excitement in the air. The grandchildren are excited and can’t wait to go to bed.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year if we remember to go with the flow, enjoy, don’t try too hard and RELAX. Remember the true meaning of Christmas and don’t dwell on the mystical  fantasy that Christmas must be perfect.


Have a good one


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