I have a little secret which I’m going to share

It’s something of a confession, I don’t know if I dare

It’s not something that I’m proud off, I hang my head in shame

I don’t think that this is funny, to me it’s not a game

It’s a longing for some liquorice or a marshmallow treat

For me it is an addiction, stopping now would be a feat

Before I type in a single word the craving takes a hold

Then I see myself trotting to the cupboard, I really am quite bold

I can’t abide gluttony to me it is such a sin

Something I need to work on, but I doubt I’ll ever win


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  1. Ah Elaine a lovely post, I am a victim of sugar cravings too.
    That dreading cupboard, the short little romantic walk to the kitchen to simply wow what’s on display, from candy to chocolates. Sweet tooth galore and a nasty addition to the calories and hips.

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      1. Ah yes lol, it’s a form of procrastination, especially when you sit to write, it’s a way your mind diverts you from what you’re doing and pushing your cravings forward.

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  2. Oh boy, the licorice all-sorts are delicious–my mom and I share a love for them. I cannot have them in the house. Too dangerous;-).

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  3. I know, my local supermarket have them on special offer at the moment is I’ve had two big boxes😳 Someone told me if you crave liquorice it’s for a reason perhaps a lack of a vitamin, believe me I am well topped up now! 😜


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