Countdown to Christmas 15 days to go.



I never thought I would say the immortal words that my dad used to say every year, “Christmas is for children”, but finally Dad I agree and now although you are not here to hear me say those words,  I am sure you can hear the echo up above.  He also used to say daily when Christmas day was approaching …”This time next week it will all be over”, which used to get me mad too because I wanted it to last forever


I can smile now at those memories. I have great childhood memories when my sister and I could not wait to get up to see if Santa had been, we never got loads of presents, admittedly we received more than my dad did as a child, if I heard the story once I heard it a hundred times that he was lucky to receive an orange and a few nuts and we did not know how lucky we were.   Thank goodness I managed to tell him I did realise how lucky we were before he died.



Christmas is not all about presents it is a time to show appreciation and love to others. It worries me when some children expect everything they want, want being the operative word.

My daughters were taught to say “We would like” and I am pleased to say that is what they have taught their children to say too.  The myth that Santa will bring everything they ask for because he is Santa and he can do magic is so wrong. I believe that we should explain to our children that Santa has lots of children to consider throughout the world


We need to tell our children about the children who have nothing, the children who are lucky to get food to eat. Our children need to know just how fortunate they are and not to take everything for granted. Yes, this crosses over the myth that Santa is all giving, but children do need to know that perhaps some children are lucky to receive a bowl of rice from Santa.


I worry about people who have no money to buy presents for their children and get into debt to make their children feel that they are not missing out. Why has this world become so money orientated, so materialist, so empty of gratitude.

I’ve told John and my family that there is nothing that I need this year, I know that they will buy me something but honestly I am not bothered about anything. I prefer to give than receive and I have everything and more in my life to be grateful about.

1FF3D770-D98B-4B0E-9DF5-546A7DCDB0E9So my one Christmas wish this year is that people will teach their children that it is not all about the gifts. Please let us as parents and grandparents try to instil the importance of loving one another and please try not to be materialistic yourself because our children do copy us.


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  1. My neighbour is Christian and is a great friend of mine. Last year, her cute, little kid wrote this on his list:
    “Santa, I want you to get me a car with heater. I will give it to you as my present. I don’t want reindeer to feel cold.”

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