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I had to laugh when my daughter told me that my granddaughter would really like some cereal flavoured lip balms for Christmas. Whatever next, lip balms that taste like coco-pops,frosted flakes rice krispies, fruit loops and corn flakes !!!

Knowing my granddaughter it will be all licked off as soon as it has been applied. Nine years old wanting flavoured lip balms….. am I missing something here?


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  1. I feel almost dirty posting this because it’s about your granddaughter…but my ex used to get flavored lip glosses because it was fun to kiss off. The soda flavored ones even fizzed a bit. Hahah. I get the appeal for adults. I think your granddaughter just wants candy.

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  2. Mom always stuffed my stockings and easter baskets with lip smackers (flavored lip balm for kids), it was one of the things I looked forward to most, and that was the 80’s. As an adult, I can’t stand the smells, but I carry on the tradition with my daughters none the less. 😉

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