Fairy wishes

  I found this in my file today that I wrote back in 2003 so here it is with a few tweaks

Fairy on the Christmas tree please grant a special wish for me

May I have a drum, a red car and a big lolly pop tree

I have been good this year doing lots of reading and writing

I’ve been a martyr at school, hardly done any fighting 

My sister is easy she wants a pram and a dolly that cries

She deserves it, she’s been so good, not telling many lies

My mummy would like a maid to wash up after dinner

Or perhaps a special mirror that makes her look thinner

My daddy would like a calendar of Holly Valance

Because when she’s on telly he goes in to a trance

My grandma would love a nice potted plant for her coffee table

Granddad is easy he likes jumpers that have designer labels

Fairy on the Christmas tree please grant my wishes for me

If you do then a good boy next year, I promise I’ll be.

Yours truly

Jonny aged 6 x


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