My mother


John and I took the old girl to get her trotters sorted out this morning…… okay in English.

John and I took my dear mother to the podiatrist for her delicate little feet looking at this morning, she goes every seven weeks and I usually take her, I’m such a good daughter!

I talked John in to coming along so that we could go down to the big supermarket because apparently every year in the apartments they have a Christmas  get together and after looking at the list in the reception I put our names down to take cheese, pickles, and cocktail sausages.

I am absolutely amazed how friendly everyone is here, everyone says hello and a few people have introduced themselves to us and said what a lovely community it is. We have also received Christmas cards from people on the other floors too.

We parked the car up at the top of town and walked down to the supermarket, I know it takes 30 minutes for mums corns, bunions etc to be sorted so we knew we had time.

We were just going for the items for the get together but John should have known better with me in tow, 20 minutes later the shopping cart was full and after paying £68.76 we walked out with the shopping cart because there was no way we could carry what we had bought back to the car.


John rushing ahead like a madman because he was aware that Mum would not be long and that you should not take supermarket carts away from the car park set off at a fast pace. When he had unloaded and returned the shopping cart mum rounded the corner like a spring chicken saying the following:


Mum: ” she said my feet were very good today”

Me: ” why are they usually naughty”

Mum “NO, you idiot, you know what I mean.

We then proceeded to go to a large wholesale unit so mum could get some food  for her bird table and take a look at the Christmas decorations. John came too, now I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing because every Christmas decoration I picked up he said: “so where are you going to put that then” which when I thought about it, there was nowhere to put it!  “But its sparkly I said and so cute” “Hmm he replied”

Now I have a big admission to make, before I lived on my own I had never trimmed a Christmas tree. My first husband (the control freak) and my daughters would do it every year, anything I attempted was never good enough. Since living alone I have bought a trees, trimmed them up and then instantly taken them down again thinking it was not good enough

One year I bought two trees and both got trimmed and then taken down, last year I was with John I put the tree up I had bought the year before then within the hour I took it down again, boxed it up and took it to the local salvation army shop knowing that there would be someone grateful for a lovely tree and it would give some money to charity too.

So imagine my surprise when John came up to Mum and I and said look at this tree, which we saw was a little glass tree with led glitter changing lights inside. Both mum and I said we liked it and bought one each and do you know it is the most wonderful tree I have ever had. Its approx 9 inches high and it’s so beautiful.

I don’t mean to sound like a martyr here but considering we only moved in last Thursday I don’t think we are doing too bad!


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