Countdown to Christmas 1



We had a visit from the three wise men yesterday, well not actually wise men but my youngest daughter and her husband called to see the finished result of the apartment. I was cooking Sunday lunch for the third wise man (aka) my mother and all was under control the Yorkshire puddings were rising up nicely the roast potatoes where crispy the veg prepared, then I suddenly remembered the joint of silverside had not gone in the oven

Panic followed as I quickly jammed it in the oven thinking if I did it on a high heat with the Yorkshire puddings which believe me did not appreciate me opening the over door,  they sunk slightly in disgust at the temperature change when the meat landed beside them in a cold metal dish! So I apologised  and begged them not to fail me because mum was coming. My fear was that they would shrink and vanish before my eyes.


The apartment is so hot, we have not had the heating on since we moved in last Thursday The windows here all open fully or on a tilt so I had them tilted in the kitchen and the lounge windows where open fully, so when daughter Louise and her husband arrived in the car park John and I were stood at our Juliet balcony window like royalty giving them the royal wave. which gave them a laugh.

She had seen the apartment empty and unpainted and she was impressed how nice everything looked. Edward her husband said the usual “how long do you think you will be staying here then” To which I replied “I feel that this will be our last move” which made him laugh even more.

They did not stay too long as they knew mum was coming so they left when John left to go pick her up.  Now mum does not do visits very often, she is now a bit of a home bird so it was important to me that she enjoyed herself and had a good dinner!

When she arrived, I went downstairs and brought her up in the lift,

“You would think I was an old woman” she said. No mum I thought you’re a mere youngster at 85

She loved the apartment and settled down on the settee where she had a good view of the allotments (I am my mother’s daughter), I like watching people potter round. We had a long discussion about if it was rhubarb or carrots that a lady was digging up. I suggested that John got me some binoculars for Christmas but mum thought a telescopic thing would be better!


When I served up lunch the veg was perfect, the mash fluffy, the roast potatoes crispy, the Yorkshire puddings were slightly dipped but I covered them in the gravy that John made.  (John always does the gravy, then it has no lumps in it)

The meat was pink but rare beef is good, isn’t it?   I cut the thinnest slivers from the outside for mum, and we all sat down to eat.

After a while I dared to ask the question

Me:” Is your dinner alright Mum”

Mum: “the meat is a bit tough”

Me: I’m sorry mum, it should have been cooked longer

Mum: “it’s my false teeth I’ve had the same pair since I was 28 (she is now 85) and their not sharp anymore”


Me: “Do you want me to take you for some more”

Mum:” No, it’s probably not worth it now at my age.”

Silence while we ate for 5 minutes

Me: Is everything else alright mum

Mum: “yes, its lovely, although I am still chewing that same piece of meat”

Me: “don’t I will get you a tissue, although you will get some goodness out of it “(I like to remain positive)

She ate everything else and stayed a couple of hours, she really enjoyed her visit and we loved her coming.

You will come again I asked her, “Yes”, she said “ I am coming on Christmas day”.  She is coming for Christmas lunch but it has now been arranged, she is cooking the bird! and bringing it with her. Every cloud and all that!


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    1. Very happy and very tired, we are still bringing bits over from the other house, then I will give it yet another clean through. We love it here, so peaceful and everyone is so friendly. 🙂Really happy Monika ❤️💕❤️

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