Countdown to moving complete



Well I can’t believe that three weeks tomorrow was the first time we viewed this apartment and now we have moved in. We were not even looking to move, we had put our names down two and a half years ago but had not thought about it for a long while.

When the opportunity arose it appeared as a blessing, here we were being offered permanent housing for as long as we live. The apartments are only four years old so they are well-built, sound proofed and insulated. Close to a small town center, our local shop round the corner is a supermarket !

The train station is a five minutes walk away which is a massive bonus for John who is a real railway enthusiast. Anyway as promised here are a few photographs for you to take a look at.


  1. I am so very happy for you! What a lovely spot! It is cozy and the view will be beautiful all year round. Snow in the winter strung on trees, but vibrant and green throughout the seasons. What a delight to watch the trees bud in spring. With shops and rails right around the corner, it’s an answer to a long awaited prayer. Congratulations to both of you! xoxo

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  2. wow what a beautiful home! simple yet beautiful. I’m happy for you, Elaine. Thanks for sharing these pics 🙂

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  3. Beautiful views, can’t see you will ever lack inspiration with views like that. Looking forward to seeing the seasons changing. Sending you lots of love for your new home. Old Irish saying – May the walls of your home always stay up and the people in there never fall out 😉 x

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