Moving Day part 1



Moving out day today, the removal men came around 12.15pm two young men both very quiet which I later found out they were from Lithuania and could speak only a little English.  They were so polite and such hard workers too.

I remained here at the house so I could give it a good clean through, I could not believe the cobwebs that were in this mock fireplace 😳 The house looks so different as you would expect with very little left in it.

All that’s I am leaving here are the memories, mainly ill health which now thank goodness have gone. It’s onwards and upwards another page turned and a new chapter about to begin.

All that I can hear now is the echo of an empty house.  Be happy little house. 😀💋


  1. I hope you find happiness in your new home! I know how tough moving can be especially packing and unpacking everything but in the end it’s worth it because it’s so nice to wake up in a new place. It’s like starting over! 🙂

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  2. I follow you, but I cannot read everything! 🙂 moving out can induce sometimes strange feelings, like a part of you was leaving or like you were closing a chapter in a book 🙂 Leave there what you don’t need anymore and take only good thoughts💕

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  3. Oh yes, today’s moving day! How exciting. It can be stressful but hope you enjoy and are filled with the eagerness of change. And if you need to fit an echo in there…I’m sure your living room was so empty you could hear an echo…echo….echooooo…

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