Count your blessings



At lunch time today I drove up to the nearby supermarket. When I walking towards the main entrance a young man asked me if I would like to buy a Big Issue magazine. I politely said no thank you and he smiled and said I hope you have a good day.

I suddenly remembered a time, quite a few years ago when I went out with friends one evening for a meal, I had a very flashy company car at that time and a man on the street asked me if I had any change. I said sorry, No and walked on and he shouted after me, you drive a car like that and you can’t spare a pound!

It spoilt my evening because although it was not my car I was in a fortunate position. I had a job, I had my own house at the time and I felt ashamed. I hoped he would still be outside when we left, but he wasnt.

That memory had faded with the years but that young man outside the supermarket brought it back. On leaving the supermarket I walked over to him and gave him a couple of pounds, I did not want a magazine, his eyes lit up and he thanked me and wished me a Merry Christmas and I smiled at him and wished him the same.

When I got back to the apartment I told John as we ate our sandwich and he said you did right. I know I did the right thing because we never know when it could be us needing a bit of help. I never thought all those years ago that I would lose my job and my home when I did and although I do not have a lot now I am truly blessed to be loved by family, along with enough money to get by and a wonderful husband.

Please remember that the next time you walk past someone in need.


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