Countdown to moving 4


I don’t think I mentioned but on Saturday the agent booked four viewing on the current property that John and I are living in. I had no problem with that, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, not that it was dirty but I put any clutter out of the way and short of baking some bread in the oven for the inviting home smell, the house looked spot on.

I used to work as a Lettings Manager in my past life so believe me I know how it works. Only one couple out of the four viewings turned up. They were lovely, both working and were perfect for the property. I informed the estate agent that they had seemed keen and also copied in the landlord so he was kept informed.

The estate agent emailed me to thank me for doing the viewing and that they had applied for the property. I’m very pleased about that. I replied to the email copying in the landlord that I was pleased and that we would be moving the majority of our furniture out this Thursday and the rest within a week or so. Also mentioning that if the landlord wanted to release us earlier to accommodate the new tenants we would be happy to do so.  The landlord had told us that we could not be released before the 9th Jan, because we gave in our months notice a week after the due rent day!

To cap it all I have just had a phone call from a very robotic lady from BT who was insisting on my postcode to talk to me and I could not think of it for the life in me. I have the new one programmed in my head and her voice repeating over and over tipped me over the edge. I can laugh now but I told her where to go. They are cancelling the account anyway because they cannot supply a fast enough WiFi connection.


Everything is falling in to place now but for some reason you know when you can see the finishing line I feel like I am going to collapse and I wont cross it, pathetic really because I know I will but I am so damn tired of it all.

John has gone over to the apartment to take yet more stuff across and I have stayed here to iron and to write something which may or may not get rid of this migraine that I feel is coming on.

So much stress, two more sleeps to go, will I make it !


  1. Moving is ridiculously over the top at the best of times. They equate it with having a baby. Imagine that! Anyway, You’ll do fine, your a strong amazing woman. Can’t wait to see what it’s like when you move in and can smile with pleasure. ooo la la! and woot woot

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  2. this landlord seems to be a very greedy person😬. I hope by the Christmas time all this will be just a fading memory 🙂

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