Countdown to moving 3


If anyone had told me that we would move yet again this year I would have laughed, to move four times in the last two years is unbelievable.

When I met John I lived in my little one bed flat, which although it was very nice we felt that we would like to be in a home that we had chosen together, so we made the decision to move.

We wanted to have a 2/3 bed house,  I suppose I wanted to turn the clock back to pre-divorce, living on my own in a one bedroomed flat did not feel like I was living in the real world, which I know may sound strange. I had always been used to living with family.

I have to admit I enjoyed living on my own. I had control of the TV box (joking) I listened to music most of the time, wearing earphones because of Mr Grumpy in the flat below. It was a proper healing time for me. It was hard, without doubt, but a definite learning curve and one if I am honest I needed. It was then that I realised that material things did not matter, neither did money or rather more money than I needed to live. Both husband 1 and 2 were very money orientated which I have come to realise was to cover their own insecurities.

I can laugh now when my son-in-laws remind me about when they met husband no 2 and he handed them a business card (he had taken early retirement a few years earlier) he was dripping in gold, rings, bracelets, chains. He even had a diamond in his tooth!

His money did not attract me to him, it was his kindness, patience, and listening skills. I was so badly damaged and so naive and trusting I suppose I was lucky I did not get taken in by someone seriously harmful. (I did not know then, that he was a man who often walked away from his debts)!

Anyway I digress, obviously another leakage of my past that had to come out!  So John and I moved to a 3 bed house, I felt free to make a noise and made a lovely bedroom so our grandchildren could stay over….. but it did not feel right, I was not happy, the area held a lot of memories plus the landlord was too slow to do repairs which annoyed the hell out of me when we were paying quite a lot of rent, so we moved.

The next house was a two bedroomed property with a garage and a drive. The garage would not take a car! strange I know but it was okay for storage. It was further away from both my mum and my daughters and when a bridge was brought down by the floods last Christmas it put even a longer time on our journey


So we moved to where we are now and I honestly thought that we would stay here for quite a few years. Yes the stairs are quite steep and now its winter the windows could benefit from better double glazing but I was definitely not looking to move.

When we were contacted to view an apartment which we had actually put our names down for two years plus ago,  John and I said we would go, more out of curiosity than definite interest. When we were blown away by the location, standard and views that this potential apartment gave us we thought that maybe it was a gift being sent our way and snapped it up.

So we have booked the removal company for this Thursday  and it was with vim and vigor that we painted the large lounge/kitchen and the two bedrooms in the last few days and are now in the process of packing yet again into brown boxes. Is it worth unpacking them when we get there?……

Just kidding John honest !


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  1. How exciting. I love that feeling before you ‘do up’ your place and move in and your imagination already has all of your furniture in the there and you’re settled. Or maybe that’s just me 😉 Enjoy!

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  2. and everything just before Christmas:) it will great for you to celebrate it in your new place, I think 🙂 I wish you a lot of pleasure with moving in, decorating… and then relaxing together 💕🍀


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