Countdown to moving 2


Had another fun filled day painting the new apartment, I have to say I am very pleased so far with the apple white paint.  It’s  looking lovely,  very mellow and calming.

Our outlook changes by the day. We can see much more of the stream to the side of the apartment and the river to the front. There are only a few leaves left clinging for dear life now on the branches of the trees outside our windows.

I love the fact that we are on the second floor, I had forgotten the benefits of living above the ground floor. It always seems very quiet in the building although there are quite a few cars in the car park I thinks the apartments must have good soundproofing .. 😊

It amazes me how many people are still walking around their allotments , I thought that allotments were a summer thing!  But there again I am no gardener so I am happy to share theirs 😉

We appear to have acquired a lodger which although I have been tolerant he has got to go! YUK 🕷


I am confident that we will make the apartment a beautiful home, its still new and it has been looked after, although saying that I have never seen so many holes filled in anywhere. So today has been a day for sanding down before beginning to paint.

John and I work well as a team, he does the masking taping and I apply the paint. I find painting therapeutic and like to see the instant results.

The cottage that we are in at the moment is looking emptier by the day, we take a couple of crates of things across every day and its amazing how different anywhere looks when you start taking things down from the walls. A home is only a home when you make it your own, when it has your own stamp on it.

Yes things are a little chaotic at the moment due to me stressing about getting everything done before Christmas, but as each day passes I can see that it will all come together, hopefully 😬😳🙄


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