Poem’s sent from John

I found these beautiful poems that John wrote for me when we first met, my heart melts reading them again



Two lonely people meet at last

both trying to leave behind their past.

Their meeting is strange in many ways

but they both look forward to happier days.

What they seek is the most wondrous of all

and into true love they eventually fall.


Half past Four (Uncertain)

My neighbours think the doctor calls

they listen hard through thin walls.

The man here has no medical degree

but in his heart he has the cure for me.

He brings his love and holds me dear;

his good intentions are very clear.

He carries his heart open and true.

Is he for me, I wish I knew.


From a distance

Knowing little more than her name

from afar he came.

The woman of his dreams he came to meet;

Was she real, how did she feel, was she sweet?

An evening meal, a chance to stare

into pools of blue under golden hair.

Slowly, slowly the dice were cast

building a love they hoped would last.



Copyright©2016 John, all rights reserved


    1. I knew you would like those, he had never written a poem before, he has wrote a book and articles for magazines but poetry was a first. See Phyllis there are good men out there on dating sites ❤️❤️️💕💝💖🌹💕💕💕💓💕💖💝


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