Is it the moon? My life.



After tossing and turning in bed for the last two hours, dreaming weird dreams, writing weird poetry (no change there then) I have got up to make myself a cup of tea to see if I can relax to enable me to sleep.

Could it be the full moon causing me to go hot then cold? I decided that I would look at my angel cards to see if they could shed any light! I chose three cards which were

Cherishing self, which basically suggested I treat myself, tick… I ordered a new angel necklace the other day which is arriving today. Love cherishing myself 😇

Second card, expecting miracles, great card which means expect miracles and they will appear, life is all about timing ( my most favourite saying) because one thing I have learnt is that things can’t be rushed. They only happen when the time is right… I told you last week that an apartment had become available after being on the waiting list for two years! We viewed it yesterday loved it but we were not at the top of the list! Get this the person who was at the top of the list either did not turn up or decided that to sign up within a week was not for them!

we got the apartment 🙂🙃😊😀🙃🙂😊 we sign up Thursday because we go away on holiday on Friday!

My final card was Giving birth😬 now I know I’ve put some weight on recently but unless it is the second coming I doubt very much that I will be having a visit from the three wise men, not unless their wearing white coats!

Seriously now, giving birth means  that maybe there is a quality, project, or talent within me that wants to be born, now is the time.

Honestly is it any wonder I can’t sleep with all this spinning round my head.


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