Hiding from the moon.


Tonight finds me hiding in my bed

with thoughts a plenty in my head

will I get any sleep tonight

or will the moon cast its light

never before have I been this way

Feeling the moons tug and sway

perhaps it is the magnetic force

which has duly pulled me off my course

I feel compelled to write in prose

until it wanes and its power goes.


copyright©2016 Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise, all rights reserved.


    1. Hi Robyn, it was not too bad last night, John was trying to get me to look at the moon last night, he said it was amazing, when I finally agreed to look it had gone behind a cloud 😆😁 so I didn’t see it. It’s has lost its strongest pull I believe now so hopefully weird moon poems will be no more! 🙄💕

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    1. I have never thought about it before, the last time before this when there was a full moon I felt very depressed and could not understand why, then someone said it was the moon, me being me thinks maybe that’s true! 😬


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