Online dating is not only for the young.


Alice flicked half halfheartedly through the TV guide another night with nothing interesting to watch on  TV. She looked across at the vacant chair in the corner. “Well Dennis she said it’s been five years now since you left this earth to go to a much better place but I still miss you and our chats”.

Puss, her black and white cat, walked up to her, perhaps instinctively knowing that she was feeling lonely, and proceeded to wrap his silky body around her legs. “Ah Puss, she said I know you love me and I love you too but I do miss having Dennis to talk to”.

Her mind wandered to the conversation she’d had with her best friend Edna who had been telling her about another friend  who had joined an internet dating site and was singing its praises saying that it had given her a complete new lease of life. “What do you think Puss, Alice said, should I look for a companion online?”


Puss purred loudly and standing on his hind legs pushed his nose into her outstretched hand to be petted.  “Ah so you think I should do it then laughed Alice, there is no harm taking a look”.

She walked into the dining room where she had her computer and switching it on she reflected on the days when she thought she would never be able to work a computer but with perseverance she had become a bit of an expert;  doing home banking and even online shopping.

Puss jumped up on the table snapping her out of her malaise and she laughed at him, “Now Puss she said I am busy doing a bit of research why don’t you settle down and have a little nap”. Realising that there was no more love to receive he jumped from the table into a cosy armchair and viewed her through slanted sleepy eyes.

Alice put in a search for online dating. My, my, she said to herself, all these dating sites, it’s unbelievable there must be a big market out there for people to find companionship.

She scrolled down the lists of different dating sites and then one caught her eye Mature Free and Single for the over 50’s hmm well I am 75 she thought I am a bit old for this one. Then she noticed that the site was from 50 upwards and upon further investigation she saw that she could join for free to take a look to see what this online dating was all about.

She laughed out loud.”Oh Dennis what would you say about this.then,” me looking at online dating. She knew without doubt and could almost hear him in her head saying. “Do it Alice I am all for you having a companion, why not, you don’t get out enough.”

She found it very easy and in no time she had registered her details and was confronted with lots of photographs of men seeking ladies, from all over the country. My goodness she said to herself so many people who are looking to meet other people.


The site was very easy to work and she found she could put filters in place so she could view people within a 20 miles radius and for the gentlemen around her age. A batch of around thirty men came up and Alice smiled to herself. Puss stretched out in the chair and gave a big yawn. “Your not much help are you Puss” Alice said no help indeed.

She looked at the photographs then over at the dresser where she had several photos of Dennis. “Not a patch on you dear she said out loud but then there was never ever anyone to match you”. One gentleman called John caught her eye; he looked very smart in his photograph so she read his profile which was very well written and all grammatically correct too. Hmm she said,” John 76, five foot 11, blue eyes and silver-gray hair” (at least he has some she thought) He had written that he had become a widower 7 years ago but missed a ladies company and although his late wife had been the love of his life he would like to meet someone to go out for the occasional lunch and perhaps the cinema.

Alice really liked the look and sound of John but would John like her. She decided that perhaps she should create her own profile and put a photograph of herself online. She knew she had a nice photo of herself which was only a few months old from her Granddaughters wedding. She followed the instructions and downloaded the photograph which went off for approval. Meanwhile she began writing about herself.

What should I write here she thought looking towards the ceiling for inspiration and noticing that there was a cobweb in the corner she walked into the kitchen and got out the feather duster because no way could she concentrate with that up their. Tut, tut, she thought that would never do.

Once the cobweb had been disposed of she sat down again and began to write a little bit about herself. Hello my name is Alice she wrote, and to be honest I can’t believe that I am actually doing this. I have been so lucky to have been married for 56 years but five years ago I lost the love of my life. I am not looking for a replacement, just someone who would like to meet for the odd lunch and who would like to accompany me to the cinema or the theater. Could that be you? She smiled and sent it off to the site.

Puss had woken up from his cat nap and jumped down circling her legs mewing for attention,” Ok Puss she said I know its your tea time I will close the computer down and check later to see if I am officially on the site”..


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  1. Excellent! Really excellent. You make me want to take that risk. No, I won’t but . . . You made the character live. You wonder how it’s going to go, what’s next, will they meet? Will they click, could there be more? Very well done, Elaine.

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