Words in the night



I found myself writing poetry in my head last night whilst asleep, I know this because John woke me up when he got up in the night for a drink, I remember thinking in rhyme, beautiful words and saying to myself, just stop a minute, you need to wake up.

This amused me no end because I believe that it was my subconscious that is working while I am asleep, I suppose importing words in to my brain. Stacked up ready to be used in forthcoming posts.

I don’t even know what I am going to write about when I sit down with my laptop, my mind is completely blank. I may look through my pictures then select one and just let words come through by how the picture makes me feel at that moment. I start writing a section of words which usually flow until the end. Then I try to eliminate unnecessary words  I center my poems to see how they sit on the page. If they look symmetrical I know it’s going to be a good post.

Most of my writing flows, I don’t think too much about it unless it’s a daily word post and then I check out the words meaning,  then I try to include the relevant content, this I can find rather irksome because I find that it slows down my creativity. That is until its complete then I usually feel like I have achieved something!  So although it can be exasperating and make me feel rather restricted and sometimes disagreeable, when my post is finished its usually worth it. 😉

Finally, I don’t think too much about what anyone will think, let’s face it there are so many people on WordPress that surely someone will like what I write and if I am extremely lucky I may even get a comment or two because although its lovely to receive likes, it is even better to receive a message. 😉😬😀


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  1. I’m totally with you, I write in my sleep. It’s infuriating when I look on my laptop for what I wrote the next day and it’s not there! Seriously the other day I did this, the dream had been so real I really believed I had written a couple of poems!

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  2. Great post.

    Quick question:Do you both read and write every day or….
    Do you read when you get a chance or have a schedule?

    What about your writing?

    Every day or just whenever an idea strikes you?



  3. I am fortunate to have lots of time to both read and write. The first section of my writing on here was written ten or twelve years ago, so at first I was just typing from hard copies, doing little tweaks here and there. My poems brought up lots of sad emotions from my past, I realised that I had not worked through all the pain and it was stillI sat inside me.

    Then I started leaking my emotions through new pieces either poems or prose or actual experiences in my present day life. Which although it can be painful it is also liberating too.

    I can feel the emotions that other writers have felt through their writing even if they think they have hidden it well.

    When I was both writing for the online dating site and a searcher of love myself I increased my psychic ability to be able to look at a photograph of someone and read things about them, it was a funny thing, somehow I know things about them and I feel the joys or sorrows . I try to help people who have felt pain (we all have been there)

    So if I have a picture of something in front of me the words and emotions flow through so I can write easily .. I am also very lucky to have found John who is very self sufficient and gets on with what he wants to do. He encourages me to write because without sounding weird, I think it’s what I was meant to do. Finally for the first time I feel peace within, I am enjoying life and it feels good. My spiritual awakening maybe. 🙂


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