Ever after


Ever falling, ever lifted

Ever running, ever feeling

Ever hurting, ever healing

Ever happy, ever crying

Ever learning, ever hurting

Ever trying, ever failing

Ever hopeful, ever doubting

Ever ending, ever starting

Ever dreaming, ever ending

Ever trusting, ever drowning


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        1. Phyllis you are such a lovely woman, I really enjoy doodling to see what comes out. I don’t think I could write a book like you have, my attention span is too flighty. I am loving dipping in and out of this site. It give me so much satisfaction and is building my confidence and making me begin to think. I may be successful in writing 🤔😳🙄😬one day. In the meantime I am loving getting to know different people and cultures learning all the time xx


          1. I so agree with you. It’s been so heartwarming, and fulfilling on many levels. I adore you and others I’ve met here. Such delightful enjoyment, like sitting down and having coffee and a warm conversation. By the way, look at Halloween Night on my blog, I finally got a picture of my son to add. Wanted you to see. I so love him. I’ve been very blessed indeed.

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          2. And thank you for the compliment. I’m really bad at taking them in. I deflect them, but I’m trying to accept them as real for me. I haven’t received that many, I give them, heartfeltly so, but not received a lot and it’s “new to me”. hehe

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