I will get it right, I will…😬



I appear to have a problem which is plain to see

 It my desire to re position things, I just can’t let things be

I change my site around weekly, sometimes even more

I get satisfaction from reshuffling, it’s something I adore


I seem to have this problem; I don’t know where to start

But until everything balances, I can’t control my heart

This may seem a simple problem to lots of you out there

But let me tell you something, it’s very hard to bear


I change the colours daily, then add a menu or two

The widgets keep on spinning; they make me dizzy too

I like to rewrite my tagline, depending how I feel that day

Then I swap it back again, because I preferred it the other way


Perhaps I need counselling to stop this addiction of mine

This may seem a simple problem to you, I’m sorry if I whine

I desire to be different, to have an original site

I am aware I have a problem which I’m trying to right


Just when I think it’s perfect, I change it again

Then spend two or three hours alter it back again

I just want the perfect website, without paying a single dime

I know I have a problem, I can see it in my rhyme


 No doubt I will keep doing it, until perfection can be found

I seem to have this problem, jigging things around

Perhaps it’s procrastination from doing other things

But I do get satisfaction from what my rearranging brings.


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