My journey 😬



I leave you and travel down a bright tunnel

I feel no pain, I am fascinated by the rainbow colours

I feel a slight breeze which somehow warms me, I feel excited

I feel that I have left all the restrictions that had bound me, I feel free

I feel that all my life pains and worries are falling off me and are left behind in my wake

I see the end of the tunnel and I blink because I have never seen colours so bright in life

I see my loved ones waiting for me, arms outstretched with the glow of love around them

I am home.


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  1. I am sure we all interpret the words of others in different ways.
    I found this piece beautiful, moving, and at the same time sad (but in a good way).

    Again, I am flabbergasted with how well you compose your writings.

    Loved it. Keep on writing and sharing.


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