Mother needs her sleep!

Mum has had a few neighbours next door in the many years that she has lived in her little bungalow. One was a lovely couple, they were very friendly, they liked their weekends away, unfortunately when they went away one weekend their granddaughter came to stay over with her boyfriend the following day this was a phone conversation that I had with my mum


Me: Good morning mum, did you sleep well

Mum: Sleep well you must be joking, I have been awake nearly all night. They are away next door and their granddaughter and her boyfriend are staying there.

Me: Why did that keep you awake, were they playing music?

Mum: Playing music, I wish they had been, no they were banging all night long

Me: What do you mean

Mum: I think they were doing it to annoy me

Me: Doing what?

Mum: Opening and shutting the wardrobe door

Me: what do you mean

Mum: I think they were acting the fool, banging the wardrobe door open and shut all night


Me: (OMG lightbulb moment for me)

Mum: I was so annoyed I got up myself and started opening and shutting my wardrobe door so they could hear me too

Me: You didn’t, tell me you didn’t

Mum: I did, I am not having it, these are old people’s bungalows, not for young people.

Me: speechless, thinking I am going to have to speak to my older sister and warn her before she goes to see Mum that afternoon

Mum: Are you still there

Me: Yes I am here.

Mum: I am going round to see them shortly to tell them that I am not having it, I think they were doing it to annoy me

Me: I would leave it Mum, they wont be there tonight because the others will be back

Mum: I don’t care, I am going round now

Then she hung up the phone, went round and told the girl in future if she stayed the night she had to be quiet, because these were old people bungalows and she needed her sleep.


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