Mother Knows best 6


I have just given my mum a call to see how she is faring today and she sounded quite down in the dumps. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hello, did you sleep well

Mum: Not so bad

Me: You sound fed up are you alright, how is your mate doing. (meaning the fly)

Mum:  I saw a little black speck on my kitchen floor and on closer inspection it was the fly, it’s dead.


Me: Well you did not want it flying round did you?

Mum: I did not mind it as long as it did not settle on my head when I was trying to have my afternoon nap

Me: Trying not to laugh, but failing, Well you had sprayed it a lot

Mum: I know

Me: So you did want it gone

Mum: It was not doing any harm really

Me: Well its gone to the great fly gravesite in the sky

Mum: I don’t suppose it had anything to eat

Me: What do flies actually eat

Mum: I don’t know.

Me: Are you going to draw the curtains as a sign of respect

Mum: Dont be so cheeky, have some respect.

Me: Why don’t you get a budgie again

Mum: I don’t want a budgie, the seed gets all over, they make such a mess

Me: Well you liked Joey (previous  budgie) when we had him

Mum: Yes until he laid an egg and we had to rename him Josephine

Me: Oh yes and we put the egg in the airing cupboard to see if it would hatch out (why did we do that ??? )

Mum: Yes we did, but nothing happened !

Me: Happy memories eh!

Mum: Hmmm


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      1. Time is precious! Separate from my Richard story, our stewardess coming back home explained that she had recently survives breast cancer, though two of her colleagues did not. Hold on to what/who you can while you can, right?

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