Mother Knows best 6



I have just given my mum a call to see how she is faring today and she sounded quite down in the dumps. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hello, did you sleep well

Mum: Not so bad

Me: You sound fed up are you alright, how is your mate doing. (meaning the fly)

Mum:  I saw a little black speck on my kitchen floor and on closer inspection it was the fly, it’s dead.


Me: Well you did not want it flying round did you?

Mum: I did not mind it as long as it did not settle on my head when I was trying to have my afternoon nap

Me: Trying not to laugh, but failing, Well you had sprayed it a lot

Mum: I know

Me: So you did want it gone

Mum: It was not doing any harm really

Me: Well its gone to the great fly gravesite in the sky

Mum: I don’t suppose it had anything to eat

Me: What do flies actually eat

Mum: I don’t know.

Me: Are you going to draw the curtains as a sign of respect

Mum: Dont be so cheeky, have some respect.

Me: Why don’t you get a budgie again

Mum: I don’t want a budgie, the seed gets all over, they make such a mess

Me: Well you liked Joey (previous  budgie) when we had him

Mum: Yes until he laid an egg and we had to rename him Josephine

Me: Oh yes and we put the egg in the airing cupboard to see if it would hatch out (why did we do that ??? )

Mum: Yes we did, but nothing happened !

Me: Happy memories eh!

Mum: Hmmm


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