Mother knows best 5

Mum was a little bit subdued this morning when I spoke to her on the phone.

“Are you okay” I asked. “NO I am fed up she said”

Whats wrong I asked her, it is unlike Mum to get fed up, she is one of the most positive people I know. This is how our conversation went:

Mum:    I’ve got a fly in the house that I can’t get rid of, I’ve had it for two weeks now and I’ve trietd everything but the thing won’t go.

Me:  Have you tried fly spray?

Mum:  Yes of course I have and I think it harmed me more than it did the fly, I was coughing for ages

Me:   Was the can facing you when you sprayed the fly (I was brave there, I would not have said that in person 😉

Mum: Do you think I am stupid or something. Of course the can was the right way round.

I thought then about reminding her that sometimes she answers the phone and it sounds like she is a long way away because she is holding it upside down, but thought better of it!

Me: Have you tried opening a window?

Mum:   YES, but every time it hears me opening the catch it goes to the other side of the room, it doesn’t want to leave me. God knows why!

Me: What about opening the back door?

Mum: Sighing, I have done that, I opened the door wide and what happened! another one flew in, a big buzzing fly this time.

Me: laughing, what! now you have two?

Mum:  Oh no, I got rid of the buzzing one, but the other one is still here. I’ve tried flicking it with a cloth but it’s too fast and it knows when I am coming for it.

Me: Are you sure your using fly spray?

Mum,  Do you think I am going senile or what, OF COURSE  I am using fly spray, I sprayed lots in the kitchen last night and shut the door. This morning I could still smell it, BUT, the fly is still alive flying round, the spray did nothing.

Me: It is fly spray, not hairspray?

Mum: Of course it is, if you have nothing else to say,  BUT IS IT FLY SPRAY,  get off the phone and leave me alone, the fly is better company than you.

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