I am not predictable am I ?


O…… is for the, Oddity, that one finds on this site!

R…… is for the, Range, of topics covered, which are such a delight

I.….. is for the,  Ingeniuity, shown in the posts

G….. is for the, Genuine, feelings expressed by the hosts

I..… is for the,Inspiration, I find from reading other blogs

N….. is for.the,  Novels exerts, that keep turning the cogs

A.…. is for the, Authenticity, shown on the site

L.… is for the, Love of writing in which I try with all my might

To eventually come up with something ORIGINAL 

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19 Comments on “I am not predictable am I ?

    • Thank you, I was stood at the kitchen sink thinking what can I do that’s a little bit different and puff….. that came into my head.! Loving your book by the way, started it last night, will read some every night then do a full review 😄🤓🙃🙂


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