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Now before I write this latest post can I say that my mum has given me permission to write this, I have told her that people will think she is a raving lunatic but, obviously she does not agree………………….

My mother does not like unknown phone calls, indeed she refuses to answer the phone if she does not know who it is (i.e. logged in her handset) Its bad enough when I ring her on my mobile wondering if she is going to pick up.

The other day after receiving four and I mean FOUR phone calls from the same number she had finally enough, she snapped. She rang back the number to which a lady answered and the following conversation began.

Mum….. “Will you stop ringing my number

Lady  … “Who are you?”

Mum…. “You know who I am, you have rung me four times today and I’ve had enough of it, stop ringing me.

Lady… ” I have not rung you, I don’t even know who you are, who are you?”

Mum….” You know who I am”

Lady…..” I can assure you, I have not called you, whoever you are”

Mum….” I can assure you that you have, how would I have your number otherwise”

Lady…. I don’t know who you ARE:

Mum…. “You’re a LIAR, now stop ringing me”

Lady… “I’ve had enough of this, I am going to block you”

Mum…. “I am going to block you first”……. not knowing what blocking meant, she told me later she thought it meant punching someone!

The Lady then hung up and mum relayed this to my sister , my daughter and me!  She wont ring me again she said, she would not dare.

The day after Mum’s phone rang again, a different unknown number which my mum honestly believes was a friend of the lady! Callers be careful.


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          1. i know! keeps life interesting! not to mention fun! told you I was craaaazy! now you know! mahahahaha lets face it, there are only some people I’d let know this


              1. Not sure the time there, its 7 32 am here, so about 3 30 your time? what was that movie about the baseball diamond, build it and they will come? you did! they are! lol


                1. Oh the movie with the lovely Kevin Costner in it lol now you would not kick him out of bed would you? I dont think John would let him in ours pmsl….. yes its 3.35 Sunday afternoon here.


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