Thank you.


I have to say that since I joined WordPress a few months ago I have connected with so many people from all over the world. I have enjoyed learning about their different cultures and lifestyles. I feel that I have connected both spiritually and mentally with people and it has enriched my life no end.

I have read great stories, poetry, seen fantastic photographs. Been touched by real life stories, felt the pain and rejoiced in the determination of some to heal themselves both psychically and mentally.

The positive attitude of many writers who are living with disabilities, illness and hardships inspire me and I am in awe.

I have bordered on hysteria reading some humorous posts, giggled for hours after, remembering some of the posts and comments.

Wept whilst reading and writing some of the poetry and posts, wept writing and remembering some of my own posts, which I had thought were long gone and buried. I have learnt so much from a lot from other writers, for which I am very grateful.

After connecting and extended the hand of friendship to many, I’ve tried to motivate, encourage others and commiserated with people going through hardships.  Because when you have had hardships of your own, you can understand what others are going through and feel their pain, hopefully then I  can reassure them that things do get better.

I have extended the hand of friendship to anyone who wanted to connect with me. But mindful not to cross over into a border that I have not been invited to cross. So this is my thank you to everyone who I have connected with on here, thus far and I am looking forward to getting to know many others in time to come.


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  1. Thank you too Elaine💟💟 happy to meet you in the blogosphere😊


  2. It’s been my delight to meet you rose and liza, and many other here who are all that you mentioned above, in touching and well written prose. I applaud you and all who open their literary hearts to us. ps. i agree with liza’s knitted man, can you make that 2? rofl


  3. Beautiful and I echo your thoughts about how great this community of bloggers is…thank you for being a part of it.

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