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During my search on the online dating site for the perfect man, Mum would want a report on what was happening, she liked to look at their photos (to see if they looked clean) and I would read their profiles to her whilst she sat knitting in her chair.

She would look over her glasses at me and tut, tut, at some of the things that I was reading. So many men did not write particually good profiles, some did not do themselves any favours at all describing themselves. 🙂

I helped lots of men on the site, rewriting their profiles lol, in fact I even thought about doing it professionally!

Anyway, back to Mum, after being out on several dates and reporting back to mum, she was getting frustrated that I had not found what she called a keeper!

I was not desperate to find a man, and not just any man would do, no way, I was looking for the right man, and I was prepared to wait.

After approx my 12th date I was getting a little bit disillusioned, don’t get me wrong they were not all one-off dates, some were two or even three dates. I remember going to the cinema with one man to watch 12 years a slave. I had met him for coffee a few days previously and he seemed ok.

Now I have to admit to having a low attention span, films either draw me in and I enjoy them or they bore me. This to me was a long drawn out film.At the interval I asked him if he was enjoying the film.

“Not really” he said, “but If I start something I finish it”

He then went on to say he had lots of books and even if he did not enjoy them he read them all the way through.

“Yawn”   Life is too short in my opinion to do some things for the sake of it, life is for living not enduring. Anyway at the end of the film after he woke me up and escorted  me back to my car I thanked him, said goodnight and we never met again!

After relating this story to my mum who was sat knitting and looking at me over her glasses she said. “I tell you what, I am going to knit you a man” I fell about laughing.

“No, she said, you’re so damn fussy that I will have to knit you the perfect man”.

I was well into the idea of a knitted man!.

“Can he be tall” I said

“Dark hair too”

“Yes, she said” and “he will be the silent type so he should suit you”

Hmm, I thought this sounds like a good idea.

“I wont give him ears” she said

“Why” I replied

“So he wont have to listen to you prattling on”

“Charming” I replied

I love my mum so much, she has such a great sense of humour, she might be cutting at times but she always makes me smile.


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