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My mum who is 85 is a law unto herself, she believes it is her right to say just what she thinks, she does not have a think before you speak button, which can be amusing if it not directed at you.

The other weekend I went to her house and it was a nice sunny morning, I was wearing a dress that I had not worn for quite a while, but due to losing so much weight I put it on and thought it looked nice.

When I got to her house, she looked me up and down and I said “Yes I have not worn this dress for ages do you like it”  (wrong thing to say )  she immediately said.

“No it looks tatty and looks only fit for the rag-bag”, basically the dustbin, I had to laugh because that’s my mother. When I left her house, I went home and took off the dress and put it in the bin!  Mother knows best.

Yesterday my sister took my mum for her weekly shop and as usual mum was on top form. When my sister parked the car, mum said I thought I was going to go through the windscreen!  My sister got out and looked but it was the edging of the parking bay that she had knocked.

Now my mum is very observant, much more than I am, I never look at anyone really when I go out!  But Mum noticed that a man was looking at my sister and my her and proceeded to do so as he got in his car.

So what did my mum do, she waved at him which made him smile and wave back. Mum said to my sister, “He thinks he has pulled” my sister just said, “oh mother”

” I think he fancies me” said mum to my sister.” Its more likely he thinks you have dementia”. my sister replied…. Which trust me did not go down well.

When in the supermarket Mum said she wanted some bananas and when she got to the counter a lady was stood in front looking at them and blocking my mum from chosing any. Now instead of saying excuse me, mum said I stood and looked at her. (I can imagine the look) and she said the lady looked back at her and said “I am counting the bananas, I want one for everyday and then proceeded to mention everyone in the family.

My mum doesnt realise how what she is thinking shows on her face. The lady said “right” and moved away, meanwhile my sister came behind my mother and of course my mum was telling her she had to wait until that woman chose enough bananas for herself and her family.

Shhhh Mother, my sister said. “Do you think I talk loud or something, my mum bellowed ”

I said thank goodness I was not with you, “Oooh don’t you worry she said, if I don’t go with your sister I will have a man with a van come.  She is 85 but can still use the computer for online shopping.


I love my mum, she is full of fun and has a young outlook, I just wish she had a stop valve sometimes.. !!!


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  1. This was so awesome to read! Your mom sounds like a very unique woman. It’s nice that you can see the humor in her ways. Not all daughters would.
    Thanks for sharing! Truly a good read!😃

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