The surprise present

Last week when John and I picked Ruby and Seth from school and took them back to their house. They told us that they were both now having school dinners rather than the usual packed lunch.

Ruby was reading out the week’s menus and both John and I both said we were going to go back to school if the meals were so good.  I asked Ruby if she would like a jam sandwich for her tea and with a  very solemn face, she went to great lengths to tell me that they had run out of jam.( For weeks she said dramatically!)   Oh dear I said, I am going to have to have a word with your mummy.

When Louise, my daughter, got back from work, I said, what’s this poor Ruby says that you have no jam, and you have not had any for weeks. Louise laughed and said, it’s not weeks, it only been a couple of days and we are going to buy some more tomorrow.

John and I laughed about it afterwards and I said,  Its Ruby’s birthday on Monday,  I think we should buy her a jar of jam, I wanted to see how she would react.

So yesterday when John and I saw her we gave her the special present which John had put in a box and wrapped in beautiful butterfly wrapping paper. 

Ruby unwrapped the box at great speed, paper was flying everywhere, she got down to the little brown box and looked at it, When she opened the box and saw the jar of strawberry jam and her face was a picture, first confusion and then the biggest smile ever, then she started giggling. My own jam she said to her mum. It should have my name on it!  She totally got the joke and we were so proud of her reaction. 

 John and I then gave her the real birthday present that we had bought, which she was delighted with. But I’m sure that she will never forget her 9th birthday when she got a jar of strawberry jam for her birthday. That is what memories are made for.

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