The power of meditation.


I once did some spiritual training with a lovely man who was a spiritual messenger and a healer for the Church he attended, he had many hardships in his life and he turned to the Church for guidance and it helped him become much stronger and find his direction in life.

We first got chatting when we were both on the same dating site and agreed to meet up. When we met he had brought me a bunch of orange roses, he did not know this but orange roses were my favourite flowers. I was very surprised and asked him what made him pick orange roses. He said he had been reaching for some pink carnations when suddenly his hand moved towards the orange roses,  hmm, strange but true

This was the start of our journey together, I am a firm believer that we are meant to meet certain people in our lifetime who take us further on our journey of understanding our spirituality. I also believe that we meet darker forces who try to lead us down the wrong path to test us….. but that’s another story!

Although I did not feel any attraction towards this man as a future partner,  I knew we were meant to meet. He asked me if I would like to do some study to develop my healing and mediumship abilities and I jumped at the chance. Over the following weeks he came to my house and we went through the different aspects of understanding spirituality.

One part of this training was meditation and he took me through a very deep meditation where we were walking on a beach at sunset it was a very deep meditation for me and I felt and observed everything we saw through all my senses.

In the final part of the meditation we ended up at the entrance of a cave which was covered in beautiful precious stones and told me to go inside because someone was waiting to meet me. I remember going inside and thinking to myself Hmm I wonder who this is going to be.

Then I had the most amazing experience ever, I felt someone behind me and a feeling of so much joy and peace came over me. I can’t describe just how beautiful it was. Tears poured down my face because of the emotions that I was feeling.

I could not work out who it was that was with me in that cave. I thought at first it was my father who had passed over a few years prior who I was still grieving for, but then it felt so powerful, a feeling like no other. I even wondered if I had come in contact with the great man himself. !!!

My spiritual teacher and I stayed in touch for a while and then drifted apart. I think that was because he had taught me all he needed to and it was time to move on.I was very grateful for the time he spent with me and my life is richer having known him.

I have met many teachers through my spiritual journey and I am sure I have yet more to meet. My husband John was meant to be, he has a wonderful calming effect with a beautiful soul and I am truly blessed to have found him.