Human sandwich


When I read the daily word, I tend not to look at any of the other entries for fear of it influencing my post, I also try my hardest to think outside the box. I love to write a poem and try to save the key word until the very end and today I almost wrote a poem but then a memory came back to me from almost 30 years ago.

When my two daughters were approx 5 and 7 years old they used to climb into bed with me and we used to play a game, that game was called the sandwich game. Obviously the two on the outside were the bread….. but what sort of bread…. brown, white, crusty, garlic, fruit … etc

Then the special one in the middle had to say what filling they were, we had so much fun and although my daughters are now 35 and 37 they both remember the fun we had playing that game. It made them use their imagination and it made us all laugh.

So many years have now passed and they both have children of their own. Yesterday John and I picked up two of our four grandchildren from school and took them back to their house where my granddaughter Ruby who will be 9 on the 12th of this month was very proud of the fact that she was going to make John a cup of tea and Seth who is 6 was keen for him to try a scone that he had baked all on his own.

I may not have got everything right in my life, but I can say that by allowing my children freedom of speech all the way through their lives and encouraging them to use their imagination has paid off.

My ex-husband and I tried our best to guide them to be loving,  good human beings and I believe we achieved our goal.

The perfect sandwich really 🙂

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