You and you and you…….


Personally I think all of us possess a Superhero within, let’s be honest here, life is not always easy.  We all experience the ups and downs of living at some time through our lives.

Be it through hardship, lost love, illness, bereavement, divorce, house loss the list goes on and on and I can say I have experienced all the above. Years ago I took to my bed for weeks after splitting up from my husband, I virtually became a recluse. I had to resign from my job, I stopped eating and just wanted to sleep forever.

I described how I felt like being down a well.!  Then slowly I began my ascent, I realised that I was stronger than I thought I was, I was still breathing, I had a loving family and I began to realise that life would get better, but I had to make the effort.

The ability that we humans have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down is amazing. Granted some superheros are stronger than others, they don’t bemoan their fate, they try to remain positive and do not become bitter or resentful. They just accept that this is life and life is not always easy. Life is a challenge, but I can say that my life experiences have made me a better person, more understanding and tolerant,more spiritual and definitely a stronger person. A Superhero, that’s me and it’s also you too.



  1. i came across this quote .. ” she needed a hero to save her so she became one” .. a wonderful post and about something so true 🙂

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  2. All superheroes usually have a compelling origin story, and I find that the one you shared could certainly be the promising start of a fantastic superheroine. Your power is to create and inspire.

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