First love


My heart feels so heavy with love for you

Sat here with thoughts in my head wondering what to do

Should I confess my love and hope you feel the same?

Should I do it now before my courage starts to wane

My heart feels heavy and needs to find peace

Head in my hands I need realise

I am told love is painful, I agree with that

It’s sure hurting me now, that’s the place I’m at

I need to take the risk and confess all to you

Will your response delight me or make me blue?

One can’t live in fantasy, we have only one life

God love is painful, its causing me strife

So the first step is the hardest, but one I have to take

Calm down stupid heart, how my hands shake

What’s the worst that can happen, she may laugh in my face

With that thought in my head my heart starts to race

Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to confess how I feel

Impress her and tell her that my feelings are real

Oh I adore her she’s intelligent and nifty

It’s so tragic that I’m only 15 and she’s over 50

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