Silver surfer.



Guess what mums got a laptop and she’s only 77

She’s surfing like a good un and thinks she’s gone to heaven

She has discovered Google  and thinks it’s such a hoot

She’s even online banking to keep an eye on her loot

Emails were causing a problem; she has trouble sending a reply

But my old mums a good un and she’s really on a high

She doesn’t give up easily, she will master it in the end

I hope she does it soon though cos its sending me around the bend

All in all, it is a blessing, I really am quite proud

It will save on the phone bills, when emails are allowed

I love my mum so dearly; she really is so bright

To see her master, the World Wide Web is really quite a sight.

This poem was first written in 2009  she is actually 85 now and is a pro online !

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