Dramatic is my middle name

I don’t want to sound too dramatic, but I really have to say

Finding my way around WordPress gets easier every day

I admit it’s not been easy, I know that I’m partly to blame

But (NOT following instructions) is my middle name

I’ve changed my themes around daily, then tied myself in knots

Then I’ve tried to change it back again, which didn’t achieve a lot

The blogs I find quite easy, they don’t cause me any pain

I know I may sound dramatic, but hey, no pain, no gain

I’ve only been on the site one week, when all  is said and done

And I  love reading all the other blogs; I find it so much fun

So I will stop being so dramatic and resist throwing the laptop in the bin

Then I will continue to the finish line, where hopefully I’ll win.

Copyright © 2016  All rights reserved.


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