July 21st Seven years on Dad

It has been seven years today Dad

Since you passed away

And I have to tell you

Its getting easier each passing day

I try to think of happy times

How we used to laugh

Remembering our conversations

The things you used to say

Mum is doing well Dad

Although I know she misses you still

She always keeps busy and smiling Dad

Outside in the garden when she has the will

The family is growing bigger Dad

Another great grandchild on the way

That will make the count eleven Dad

I wonder what you’d say

Their names would make you smile Dad

Oh you would have had so much fun

Pretending to get their names wrong

That’s what you’d have done

I can still hear your voice Dad

Calming me when I feel stressed

You’d tell me not to bother about things

You’d tell me I’m the best

I think I have wrote enough Dad

I need to stop now or I will cry

And I know you wouldn’t like that

So I will simply say goodbye

Love you lots Dad, Elaine x

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