Christmas cards.

Feeling back to normal today, the duvet day I had yesterday worked wonders and I slept like a baby all night , obviously my ribs must have knitted back together 😉

I decided to create some Christmas cards and pull out the ones I did last year.

Simple yet nice!
In green 😎
This stag is a digital painting that I created above a year ago
This is a acrylic painting done two years ago

This too is painted using acrylic paint approximately two years ago. Sometimes I miss working with acrylic paint and a canvas, if I had a spare room I would use actual paints again but it’s just not practical at the moment.

Duvet Day after meltdown.

Obviously it had to be a heart painting ❤️

I’ve come to the conclusion that meltdowns are good for a would be artist although thinking about it I would have preferred a large tin of black paint to throw around and then roll in it. …… Hmm that sounds a bit weird so I better stop there, but you get my gist.

The reason for my meltdown……. On Tuesday I went to hospital for an echocardiogram before my appointment on the 18th December with the surgeon after my heart surgery in May …….

The young lady who performed the procedure told me to get undressed and began to probe me with the ultrasound probe thing …… she probed for 25 minutes then said she was going to check that the images were clear enough. Then she came back in with another lady and they both began to look at some of the images on the screen, WHISPERING 😤

The older lady left and the young one said she just wanted a doctor to take a look at something before I left. Five minutes lady she came back and said I was free to go …… I asked her if there was evidence of another Myxoma, she said those magic words….. “ I’m sorry I’m not allowed to say” and I would hear something from my surgeon.

I came out of the appointment feeling a bit shocked, scared and apprehensive but I managed to pull my positivity back. I know they wouldn’t have let me go if it had been anything bad, after my last echocardiogram they kept me in various hospitals for three weeks.

So the reason for my MELTDOWN……. all the digging and probing has obviously disturbed the last seven months healing and it hurts like hell. I’m wondering if she broke some ribs 😳

Anyway I’m having a duvet day, watching TV, painting and googling broken ribs (joke) ☺️

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day in bed, I’d forgotten just how nice it is to have a duvet day.

Enjoy your day 😇

Mia 🤫

Last night just after we had gone to bed Mia decided to run around the apartment like her tail was on fire 🔥 I’ve never seen anything like it. The true Mia is definitely coming out now. I got up and went into the lounge and she jumped on the settee and went to sleep 😡

Obviously 🙄 she is not doing enough during the day so …..