Every so often I feel the pain of giving birth to a painting! Well here he is. Trust me it was a very difficult labour, he took some pushing and pulling and I even had to behead him a few times 😬 I almost threw…

The fox 2 🦊



I’ve been working for a while on two fox paintings, I’ve finally finished this one today, the other one will not cooperate at all , hopefully he will give in tomorrow and make my life easier! I can’t help wondering why I didn’t take up…

The fox



I wonder if there is a path somewhere that leads to the moon! If there is I’m sure it would look something like this 😉 Copyright ©Rose, 2018, all rights reserved.

Stairway to the moon.



I write a lot about staying in the light as opposed to the dark, which has suddenly dawned on me 😉 (get that) Dawn, Dusk 🤷🏼‍♀️ Light and dark = positive and negative. I think sensitive people sometimes have a hard time on WordPress. Sensitive…

Wishing on a star 💫



I’ve decided that I need to step back from blogging and painting for a while. I will be back hopefully refreshed and raring to go. Until we meet again, keep smiling, keep painting and keep writing. Elaine x

Having some down time.