Digital video

This one amused me no end because I knew it would look funny on the video, I couldn’t make up my mind on lots of things which you will see on the video 🤓

The finished result

One day! Digital painting and video

And this is how I did it!

Your never completely alone!

They are plotting something! 🧐

They are plotting something, time will tell!

The digital journey video’s

Here you can see how I chop and change things !
A homemade birthday card for a good friend ❤️

You can’t beat a daily stretch 😸

Starry starry night!

Chicken games!

The day started off quietly

Let’s the fun begin!
The chickens decided to have a game of football, this chicken was goalie

When they got bored with football they went for a swing

This one wanted to bounce!

Whilst this one wanted to be king of the castle 🙄
They decided on yet another game

Was one left out 😳
No they were playing hide and seek!

Hopefully one won’t get squashed by a car up the street 😬 rest assured I won’t take a photograph of that. 😉

Different varieties!

The tree of many colours 😉


Looking for some good advice!

Feeling happy to be alive!

First self portrait In acrylic paint
Feeling so happy to be alive. ❤️

Feeling snug!

Feeling contented!

Feeling Proud!

Feeling spiritual

Painted in acrylics

Feeling reflective!

Feeling strong!

Feeling shy!

Feeling wise!

Looking within!

There’s a storm brewing tonight!

Before and after, It’s surprising how a few added touches make such a difference, thanks Carl.

A few breaking waves makes all the difference.

Peaceful digital painting!

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