He’s back, Charlie’s back in the meadow!

Charlie’s back!

It’s been a long time but Charlie’s back home in the meadow, the first person (sheep) he saw was Sidney who looked much older… well he would do it was a long time since he had seen him ! 😬

Charlie immediately burst into tears and told Sidney that Cherish his new wife had tragically passed on after eating a dodgy sardine at their wedding reception. Charlie was bereft, even more so because he had nearly eaten one too. 🙀

Sidney burst into tears, hearing the sad news brought back his sad loss of loosing Cynthia his wife, not through eating a dodgy sardine but to another attack of bloat through eating too many flowers in the meadow. She obviously didn’t learn from her earlier experience. 🙄

What a sad pair they were, thank goodness they had found each other again. Sidney told Charlie that Leon his son ( sheep) was still working in the circus along with Kit Kat ( Charlie’s son) and Sasha Charlie’s ex wife who was now happily married to Samson and they were very happy together.

Charlie felt a pang of guilt remembering his wandering Tom cat ways which caused the break up of his first marriage. What was he to do, he was a cat with needs. He told Sidney that he was home to find a new wife…. after all it had been a week now since Cherish flew up to heaven!

Maybe he should try online dating 🤔🙈

To be continued ………….. For my new followers if you’re interested the first series of my cat and sheep stories can be found in my menu 😏

P.S. Before you say it Cheryl Charlie has lost weight grieving 🙄🤥

This is how I created it ……

Sharing the love. ❤️

Spreading love throughout the world. ❤️😇🌹

Moon entanglement.

Hmm 🤔

Charlie’s got his own website

Charlie’s Digital art blog. You can access the site through my personal link on the right hand side of my site . 😊

Somewhere in space !

ArtRage digital

A daily walk.

Moon watching

Honeymoon Destination using studio pro on my iPad.

So much easier using the iPad which creates a very different finish from ArtRage on a big screen.

Back to the big screen using Artrage

I thought I would have another attempt on my large screen, the last time I tried I found it a bit painful after the operation 😬 Today it wasn’t too bad apart from feeling as stiff as a board after a few hours painting upwards rather than downwards on my iPad Pro.

The Secret Garden.

Still a work in progress, I’m not sure if I should add some flowers 🌹 or Charlie. Maybe I will add more to this painting tomorrow or maybe it’s okay as it is ?

ArtRage kitty

The last flowers in digital

Artrage digital flowers

It was written in the stars

Charlie and Cherish 10/9/2019

Then came the rain digital painting.

Sea view

There’s nothing like the sea to lift your spirits. ☺️

The view from window.

It’s happening!!

They sat together counting the stars

Ah true love! Maybe, time will tell.

Maybe he can find what he’s looking for here!

Looking for fish!

At the end of the day 2

I give thanks for being alive.

Follow the path to find your destiny Charlie!

Should he go down that path?
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